This 3D shooter game offers an immersive experience in single player and multiplayer modes. The follow up to the widely popular Babo Violent 2, allows players to choose allies, abilities, and weapons as they climb the leaderboard. If one of the more than 20 arena maps across multiple environments doesn’t quite suffice, “Invasion Mode” provides players the opportunity to instantaneously design – and play on – their own combat maps.

Choose from 10 characters, each with unique abilities, or enter full combat using an Xbox 360 avatar.

Play offline with up to four people, online between 2 and 16 people, or join a team vs. team combat.



  • Single or co-op challenge mode, 1 – 4 players
  • 21+ arena maps across multiple environments
  • 10 characters with unique abilities
  • Team based map making
  • Avatar attack
  • Online multiplayer, 2 – 16
  • Voice
  • Leaderboards



  • “[…]extensive single and multiplayer modes, the controls feel great, and it has a sense of humor.” – IGN
  • “[…]a worthy download.” – Games Radar