Developed in partnership with Fuel Entertainment and released in 2011 to rave reviews, Sideway: New York has players battling through a twisted graffiti world where puzzle solving prowess makes the difference between life and death. A fast paced 2D adventure set in a 3D world makes this one of the most unique and visually compelling game worlds ever created. The twisted journey of Nox allows players to unlock new abilities to defeat enemies and rescue friends. Beware though, your favourite colour may just kill you!

Play individually or as part of a local co-op campaign, encouraging players to team up to beat unified enemies.



  • Challenges of changing camera angles and movement between 2D and 3D worlds
  • Collect abilities that let you SOAR, SLIDE, JUMP, and BLAST through enemies
  • Single player mode or drop in, or out, of local co-op campaigns
  • Bizarre boss battles
  • Original music by hip hop artist Mr. Lif



“You’ve never seen a platformer quite like this” – IGN

“This game is absolutely gorgeous, with some really interesting art direction and the kind of dimensional depth that rivals any big-budgeted production.” – Wired

“Sideway: New York is a great 2D platformer that does some fun things with 3D space” – GamesRadar