In a World Gone Sour, players take on the role of a lost Sour Patch Kid in a stylized human world, guiding the character across some very unique environments. Use a combination of jumps, special abilities, and puzzle-solving skills to navigate the Sour Patch hero through some larger-than-life obstacles. During the journey, players will experience some unusual enemies, including escaping from deranged humans and facing off against mind-controlled dolls!

Along the way, be sure to rescue and recruit other Sour Patch Kids who will tag along to boost your health, powers, and abilities. You can use them to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, or they can be sacrificed for extra bonuses or good times.

Two players can experience the adventure together by locally-sharing followers, solving puzzles, and pairing up to take down enemies.



  • Rescue and recruit followers who can boost health, powers, and abilities while helping to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, or sacrifice them for good times and extra bonuses.
  • Ridiculous boss battles! Battle against an angry wad of sticky chewing gum, a fellow Sour Patch Kid who’s perhaps a tad bitter, and other over-the-top bosses.
  • Various unique environments, including the sticky floors of a movie theatre, the counter of a concession stand, the inside of a wooden shed, and more.
  • Co-op action allows two players to experience the entire adventure together by locally-sharing followers, solving puzzles, and teaming up to take down enemies.
  • Play by play narration by Creed Bratton (plays a fictional version of himself in “The Office”).
  • Features “World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)” by Grammy winning hip hop artist Method Man.



“…a sweet-and-sour romp through the dark side of candyland.” – Gamespot

“strangely satisfying.” – IGN

“This game is really sweet.” – Inside Gaming Daily