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This is your Brain … on Games.

We’re an independent development studio that delivers fun through multi-platform games and entertainment apps. We create our own material for phones, tablets, PCs, and downloadable consoles as well as doing world-class work for hire development and porting services for studios both big and small. Whether it’s creating for us or for you, and regardless of the platform or genre, we are absolutely committed to creating high quality fun in all our games and apps.

No matter the project, our team of highly skilled designers, artists, animators, and developers are experienced and always excited to take on new challenges, continually partnering with developers, publishers, distributors, and investors on new ideas and opportunities.

playBrains is a game development studio and publisher located in Ottawa, Canada. We’re proud members of Interactive Ontario and the Ottawa Digital Media sector and are co-founders/organizors of the Ottawa International Game Conference. We are committed to assisting in the growth of the Ontario interactive digital content industry.

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playBrains is always on the lookout for the best development resources. If you are a programmer, artist, animator, game designer, sound designer, or writer who:
  • Loves games
  • Craves the opportunity to work with leading edge and emerging technologies
  • Desires challenging work in a team environment
  • Aspires to evolve as the company grows
  • Wants a balanced lifestyle
We may just have the opportunity you are looking for.

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