Our Experts, Your Games

Our team tackles the design and development of complex games and all of the associated tasks from artwork, to sound, and more. Whatever game, or game idea, you have, our experts can help you bring it to life on a console, mobile device, or computer.


Mobile & Social Game Development

With experience across all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, BB10, and Windows), as well as Facebook, playBrains is the perfect developer to bring your mobile and social game to life!

In addition to the technology, we have deep experience in Freemium game design and development and have worked with the leading mobile engines, including Cocos2d-X, Unity, and Unreal.


Desktop & Console Game Development

Our experts have experience building digital games for the leading console platforms, including Sony PS3 and Xbox 360. Our games have ranged from deep fantasy dungeon crawlers, to puzzle platformers, and multiplay frag-fests! Our team is fully versed with the certification requirements and processes of the platform vendors, allowing us to navigate from development to launch with precision.


Back-End Development

We don’t just do the pretty stuff – we’ve got years of expertise in back-end server tech. playBrains grew out of bitHeads, which has been building scalable, high-performance systems for more than 18 years.

We can build a custom back-end for your game, or better yet, hook you up with our brainCloud platform to get you going without custom development at all!


Game Porting

Already have your game up and running, but need to bring it to another platform? Our team can do it – and improve your code base, by making it multi-platform, in the process!

We have plenty of experience moving iOS games to Android and other platforms, even if originally written in Objective-C.


Extend Your Team

Need to scale up your team temporarily to meet a deadline? No problem! playBrains can supplement your team with key designers, developers, artists, and testers to help get your game out the door on time.

Learn how our team’s experience can help you with your next project.

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