Game House Casino is a virtual casino with a variety of games played using mobile devices. With Blackjack, six different video poker tables, 20 slot machines and achievements to earn in each, players are sure to be entertained for hours! Blackjack is the traditional game with players facing off against the dealer, poker offers a variety of 5 card draw hands with each game offering its own unique slant, while each of the slot machines offers their own unique bonus game.

Throughout each game, players can earn golden tickets to be used to enter a variety of contests to win in game and, for those located in the United States, real world prizes. Players can also connect through Facebook to send and receive gifts among friends.




  • Facebook connectivity allows players to share progress with friends
  • Post achievements and big wins to Facebook for friends to see
  • Send gifts to Facebook friends to help them out
  • A variety of casino style games, including slot machines, video poker, and Blackjack
  • Earn achievements through a variety of games
  • Invite friends to play and see who wins more coins
  • Win Golden Tickets to enter a variety of contests and win prizes
  • Switch between playing on Facebook and on a mobile device



“one of the more promising Facebook casino games to hit the market.” – GameZebo

“Fun and exciting” – iTunes customer review